Five Key Features Your Business Phone System May Be Missing 

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Is your business optimizing its phone system to its fullest potential?

Or is your phone system falling behind in the rapidly changing remote world?


CyAs Technologies prides itself on many high values and standards for our customers, so when implementing a new phone system we ensure that it works with all our client’s needs. We work to enable our clients to communicate with their teams, customers, partners, and business prospects with the most efficient and integrable phone systems available.


In the business world chat systems, text, and email have emerged as popular messaging systems. Our staff has implemented versions of these systems for our clients, empowering them with efficient communication while maintaining security from hackers. Despite the popularity of this breadth of communication options, businesses still rely on the most “tried and true” communication technology: the phone. Your customers, prospects, employees, and business associates all depend on relaying information accurately, but an outdated phone system can do more harm than good.


At CyAs Technologies we can upgrade you to the most effective phone platform around. The popular Microsoft Teams phone system revolutionizes a business’s productivity, and as one of our most requested platform installations, we see the satisfaction it brings!


As a cloud-based private branch exchange, the Microsoft system allows internal and external phone communication over internal landlines and employee smartphones. It ties into the Teams collaboration platform that provides file sharing, chat, video, and voice features. Microsoft Teams usage has skyrocketed since the pandemic and shutdowns of 2020 with its user base tripled and surpassing the customer base of Zoom. Now, over half a million organizations highlight Teams as their favorite messaging system.


Would a Microsoft Teams Phone System make sense for your business? Here is a checklist of features your current traditional phone system likely does not provide. Feel free to print this and circulate it to your stakeholders and find out if these features would benefit your organization:

1. Automatic Attendants

This is your virtual receptionist. Phone trees can be difficult and complex, and an automated attendant, the telephone system that transfers incoming calls to various extensions, helps. The automatic attendant can get the caller to the person they seek efficiently and connect them via landline, mobile phone, or VoIP device.

2. Phone Analytics

Do you know how well your phone system is working? This feature provides a call quality dashboard and per-user analytics. The analytics monitor the communication performance and help you determine ways to improve performance.

3. Call Queues

Call Queues manage your available resources better than the traditional “they aren’t answering, here is their voicemail” method. In the call queue, callers are held while an available employee is found to answer immediately. The system can be created based on the longest idle, attendant routing, serial routing, or round robin.

4. Video conferencing

Your phone system now connects devices that have cameras, microphones, and speakers. This has enabled it to provide video conferencing in addition to traditional phone calls.

5. Cloud Voicemail

Cloud-based voicemail turns messages into data. The messages and functionality can be accessed from any device. Messages can be transcribed, documented, and forwarded to other users.




How valuable would these additional features be for your business?  Only you, your team, and your clients can answer that. When you get the answer, please share it with us! We are here to make you more successful, cost-effective and protected.


Whether our client’s business is in Scotts Valley, Santa Cruz, Aptos, Capitola, Watsonville, Felton, or elsewhere in California, we strive to be their go-to managed IT, service provider! We are cybersecurity experts and architects of disaster recovery project plans supported by cloud implementation services.

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