Need a Proactive Approach to Business Technology? Hire a vCIO.

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When I first heard that we offered vCIO services, I had no clue what that meant, or who or what it was. You may be a business owner and wonder the same thing. You might find yourself struggling with the same old stale advice from your IT Company and may not be seeing the cost benefit. It’s clear your business technology needs are warranted. But how do you make the well-educated, long-term business technology purchases while keeping your company goals, challenges, and the risks of business impact in mind?

You hire a vCIO!

A vCIO (virtual Chief Information Officer) is like the perfect Spring day…They bring a much-needed calm from the storms and surround you in warmth and a sense that everything is as it should be and can only get better from here.

Ok, maybe not. But close!

So, what is this vCIO and how can they help leverage your business?

In short, a vCIO offers proactive technological support and consulting. By partnering with you, the Decision Maker, the vCIO is pivoted to deliver outcomes of client business success and creates value for customers by managing their technology.

You might find your business positioned in one of two ways:

  1. You have allocated funds that are IT exclusive and are a generic expense, and you perceive technology as a strategic advantage.
  2. You are desperate to understand how to make tech a functional area of your business.

A vCIO can produce proven results for both types of client because they go above and beyond the function of being a trusted advisor or consultant and have a true understanding of technical risk and business impact. The relationship shifts from a technical one to one centered on strategy, which helps to address the impact of the technology on your business. It is, in essence, a strategic relationship that focuses on client strategy.

Why are companies looking to hire vCIO’s? Can’t I just get my MSP or Tech guy to take care of it?

In the short term, sure. Your MSP can do a lot of this, as can your tech guy. But this is more than that. In the age of rapid technology advancement, it is ever important to have a strategy in place to keep your technology in alignment and grow your business intelligently. This leads to increased revenue, and decreased expenses in the long run. Having a contracted, or part-time proactive decision maker for this takes the stress off you, the business owner at a lower cost than a full time CIO.

When choosing us for your vCIO services, you also get a suite of MSP services. Our IT Essentials package is included, along with a proactive approach with planned proposals for new projects to improve your business’ long-term prospects, unlimited hours at a fixed rate, security awareness training and onboarding for employees and so on.

We define these objectives based on your needs and budgets.

Thus, we create a cycle of harmony that lends itself to a World Class culture.

To access our vCIO services, and get your free technology consultation click the button below:


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