Why You, as a Solopreneur, Need Your Own Virtual IT Department

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We at Cyber Ascend Technologies, your information technology support provider serving Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley, Capitola, Soquel, Aptos, Watsonville and beyond, love all our clients! However, there is one set of customers with whom we are especially popular.   

That is the solopreneur and other small businesses. 


If you are a solopreneur, we salute you! We love your creativity and your enthusiasm to follow your dream and your passion. More importantly, we do not want you to feel like you are doing this alone.  

Your setup for your personal IT can seem fairly basic: get a powerful smartphone, a great laptop, a fast internet connection, office equipment, and peripherals. All set, right? 
Well, not so fast.  
You are now your own CIO, and you need your own “data center.” In the past, for many solopreneurs, this meant setting up a bunch of equipment in their garage. It meant a lot of energy to get applications assessed, purchased, loaded and protected. If you did that correctly, those efforts took a lot of your time. It was time that could have been spent on your business itself. Worse, if you DIDN’T do it correctly, it could ruin your business completely. 

You have us, however. We are here as your own virtual IT department. Here is why you need us: 


1. You don’t know what you don’t know

We know what applications exist to support your individual needs. We have enabled many companies just like yours, and that has exposed us to the breadth of applications the industry has to offer. 

2. Take advantage of “best practice” expertise

Not only do we know what is available, but we can also do a thorough assessment as we come to understand your specific needs. We can work with the platforms and modify aspects of them to fit your requirements. We understand, through hundreds of implementations before you, what the best practices are in getting your system up and running, and how it can be used most effectively. This is far better than trying to set it up yourself and hope it all works. 

3. Trust us to seek out enhancements and improvements for you

New applications and add-ons are being introduced all the time. You will not have the time or focus to watch for them, research their details and implement them. We can do that for you. We constantly look out for new and better ways to do things and can alert you when the next great application hits our radar. 

4. We can enable you with cloud-base functions that are powerful and affordable

As your cloud implementation services team and your resource for cybersecurity, we would first implement a cloud strategy for you. This puts your data out of harm’s way and makes it accessible to you from any device, anywhere. Beyond this, we also can guide you to cloud services you have not even imagined yet. Such services might include financial applications, ERP systems, or point of sale services. We can get innovative with your IT and make it flexible for your needs so that you can be innovative with your business itself. 

5. Troubleshooting

As your virtual IT department, we are there when you need us—from printers not working to helping you migrate from one computing environment to another. We also make sure your data is backed up and security patches are in place—in other words, we troubleshoot for you before the trouble can actually occur. 

6. We keep on top of your compliance needs

Specific industries often have IT compliance regulations as a part of their licensing requirements. If you are a solopreneur in such an industry, we keep on top of those requirements and implement the appropriate solution for you. This may include a more advanced firewall than your normal internet provider gives you. 

7. We help when your old equipment fails you

One of the biggest IT failures for a solopreneur is when your old, trusted legacy equipment stops working. In many cases, this is because applications and technology have surpassed the capacity of your old machine, and the suppliers are no longer maintaining it. We are here to rescue you. We can develop the most cost-effective solution for you and get you back and running in no time. 


The information technology world is both getting better, and more complicated. While your business model may be creative and DIY, your data infrastructure should not be. You need an implementation that can seamlessly meet all your needs, and your own virtual IT department to sweep down when you need them, and even before you know you need them. 

That would be us. Our team comes from a heritage of technology expertise, mixed with the heart of firefighters. We train you on how to protect yourself and your business and are there when the unexpected happens. 

You may be a solopreneur, but you are not alone. You will always have us in your back pocket. 

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