Let’s Party! Seven Ways to Make Your IT System Fun! (No, We’re Not Kidding)

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We are going to be right upfront with you about this topic. The CyAs Tech team loves to have fun.

We get excited about thinking creatively and “out of the box.” We love a good challenge and diving in with the confidence that we can provide a solution that not only meets your needs but in many ways, exceeds your expectations.

We also think there is a deeper sense of fun when you know your IT operations are safe, flexible, constantly accessible, and cost-effective. There is a joy too, in a clean organization of your data so it provides ease of use along with a way to bring added intelligence to your business. Setting up your team so they can collaborate efficiently and with transparency is also… really cool.

All that being said, a strong collaborative IT platform can also provide your company with “Fun” with a capital F. Obviously fun needs to be had at appropriate times, and in an appropriate way, but done correctly it can bring numerous benefits. It can help your team bond, especially if all, most or even just some are working remotely. It can also provide a way for the team to get used to online systems so when they implement them for work—they know how to use them. It can also be used as a vehicle for training and education, so while fun is being had, learning is taking place at the same time.

Here are some fun things you can do in your collaboration system through applications supported by MS TEAMS, Slack, and other platforms:

1. Create a fun “watercooler” experience

With remote offices and work-at-home team members, the “water cooler” bonding and cultures have been lost. This can harm morale, retention, and team creativity. With the right platform and applications, you can create a bonding space and environment. Facilitate daily virtual coffee meetups, lunch meet-ups, etc. You can get the ball rolling with selfie contests, conversation starter exercises, celebrate birthdays, and more.

2. Once Upon a Time

Here is a bit of fun that also teaches team members to collaborate on your new platform. Let the team know the ground rules first. Load up the first line of a story in your collaborative tool and then tag someone to put in the next few sentences. They then tag the next member of the team. The last person is charged with concluding the story.

3. Espionage on Microsoft TEAMS

This requires 90 minutes of playtime for five to 20 people. The application lays out a high-stakes virtual spy mission where participants solve puzzles, show off gadgets and identify who are spies amongst the team members! If your team gets hyped up on intrigue-type games, also check out the roster of Murder Mystery games available!

4. GIF Story Telling Game

Think of this as Charades or Pictionary with a modern tech flair. Create teams and ask each team to tell a story of a movie, song, book, or TV show by only using GIF images. Give them 5 to 10 minutes to create a strategy and then the game begins. Or, if you want something closer to the in-real-life Pictionary, there is a Pictionary game app on TEAMS. Split your team members into groups and use a Pictionary generator to pick a word. Now ask a member of each team to draw that word via the whiteboard feature in Microsoft Teams.

5. Trivia Mania!

Several collaborative platforms have trivia applications to use for your team, or you can develop your own.

6. Camera Filter Fun

You can integrate Snap Camera into Microsoft teams and use the filters to make meetings more fun. This allows your team members to have personal fun with each other. All they need to do is use their choice of filter and be fun and creative.

7. Virtual Scavenger Hunts

There are several scavenger hunt applications available with differing scopes and rules. A virtual scavenger hunt connects your team members from anywhere in the world. They are tasked to find clues, items, or objects in virtual space. This can be a great platform to teach others how to research while it exposes them to new environments.

These are just a few of the many fun possibilities your collaborative platform can provide. While companies need to have the proper structure to manage fun vs. work within the organization, it is clear that a team with no fun will not be a team for long. In this day and age, with businesses adopting remote work strategies, your IT can help create your new bonded and fun culture.

We here at Cyber Ascend Technologies will have fun, creative moments as we develop your best and most cost-effective solution. We would love to think that you will also have some fun using it!
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