The Benefits of a Cloud Assessment for Your Business

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For many businesses, moving their data to the cloud is the perfect solution, offering a number of useful advantages over traditional, on-site data storage and server-hosting. Unfortunately, there are a number of business owners and executives who are unsure how to get started transitioning to the cloud and are unsure if cloud storage and computing is even the right solution for them in the first place. The good news is that there is now a process called cloud assessment that outlines everything that will be required to move your business to the cloud and provides you with an in-depth analysis of whether cloud resources are the right solution for you.

What is a Cloud Assessment?

In the past, IT consultants spent a lot of time convincing their clients of the advantages of the cloud. Today, most business owners have come to realize all the benefits that cloud storage and computing offers but aren’t sure how to even begin transitioning their current system. To remedy this, IT professionals and consultants began to offer a service called cloud assessment.

A cloud assessment determines a business’s readiness for the cloud and provides an easy to follow roadmap for getting there. It analyzes a business’s current technology, processes, and staff, in order to provide a highly detailed analysis of everything that will need to be done in order to ensure a smooth and error-free transition to cloud computing.

In this way, a cloud assessment helps business owners and executives make sense of how a transition to the cloud will work for them and makes the entire process more effective, efficient, and affordable.

Benefits of a Cloud Assessment

Before you decide to pursue a cloud assessment for your business, it’s important to fully understand the advantages it offers. To help you determine if cloud resources is the right choice for you and your business, here are the top benefits a cloud assessment provides:

Cost-Benefit Analysis

In business, the most important factor influencing any decision is the cost-benefit analysis. A cloud assessment breaks down exactly how much it will cost to move your data to the cloud and forecasts exactly how much money it will save you in the long-term. Not only does this allow you to better budget for your move to the cloud, it also puts transitioning to cloud into financial terms and lets you easily determine if moving to the cloud is a cost-effective solution for your particular business or organization.

Synchronize Your Cloud Computing Strategy with Your Business Strategy

A cloud assessment works to understand your overall business strategy and goals then provides you with a list of cloud computing technologies and processes that align with those strategies. There are a wide variety of solutions available, and choosing which one will work best for your business can be tricky. A cloud assessment synchronizes your cloud computing strategy with your overall business strategy, giving you the instructions you need to produce the most efficient possible system.

Ensure Money isn’t Wasted

With all the technologies, services, and products available, deciphering which ones are actually a good investment can be a nightmare. In the end, going it alone could leave you spending a fortune on things your business doesn’t really need. With a cloud assessment, though, you are given an outline of the exact products and services that you should consider purchasing, allowing you to buy only the things that are worth the cost and avoid wasting funds.

Confirm Whether Cloud Computing is Justified

Though cloud computing offers a large number of advantages over on-site data storage, there are select instances where it may not be the best solution for a particular business. A cloud assessment will provide you with a detailed, honest evaluation of whether moving to the cloud is a good choice for your business. In most cases, the answer is yes, but it’s always better to know for sure.

Pinpoint Issues Before they Become Major Problems

A cloud assessment will identify any roadblocks that might get in the way as you are migrating to the cloud, allowing you to address them upfront before they spiral into major problems. Addressing these issues ahead of time also prevents any major interruptions and ensures that you will be able to stay on schedule throughout the entire process of transitioning to the cloud.

Provide a Performance Benchmark

When you first enter the realm of cloud computing, it can be difficult to gauge how well you are performing. A cloud assessment provides you with a comprehensive list of standards and averages for every performance metric, enabling you to accurately determine how well your new system is performing even when you don’t have any performance history of your own to compare it against.

Train Your Staff to Use the New System

Once you’ve made the transition to cloud computing, your staff will need to know how to efficiently use the new system, but training them without any kind of outside help can be a challenge. The report included with a cloud assessment will provide you and your staff with a detailed instruction manual for using the new system once it’s in place, properly preparing your workforce for the transition and ensuring that there is no costly confusion.

Suggests the Best Tools for the Job

Even if you know what type of tools and software you need, there are still a lot of different choices to consider, and not all brands and products are created equal. This problem is further compounded by the fact that the best tools and software for Business A may not be the best tools and software for Business B. A cloud assessment analyzes your business strategy, goals, and infrastructure then highlights the specific products that would best serve you once you have transitioned to the cloud, ensuring that you are left with a system that is the most functional possible arrangement for your particular business.

Ensure Existing Projects Stay on Track

If done incorrectly, migrating to the cloud can be a major interruption to your existing projects and workflow, costing you untold amounts of time and money. In recommending the best way for you to transition to the cloud, a cloud assessment takes into account your existing projects and does everything possible to ensure that these projects are not interrupted during the transition process.

Offer Recommendations About how to get the Most out of Cloud Computing

Finally, a cloud assessment offers advice and strategies about how you can make the most of your new system, tailoring these recommendations to your specific business or organization. While cloud computing has a number of advantages, it’s hard for these advantages to be realized if you don’t know how to best make use of the new system. A cloud assessment pinpoints which applications can benefit most from cloud computing and offers real, actionable advice about how to make cloud computing work for these tasks and applications, allowing you actually attain all of the benefits that cloud computing offers.

How to Request a Cloud Assessment

Requesting a cloud assessment for your business or organization is simple, and once the assessment begins, you are free to be as involved or uninvolved with the process as you please. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of a cloud assessment and request a professional cloud assessment for your business, feel free to contact us today.

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