Why Is Everyone Talking About How Magical Technology Helps Your Office Thrive?

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Cloud Implementation Services Seem Like Magic Along with Other IT innovations 

There is an old saying that “necessity is the mother of invention.” In our IT-driven world, where businesses partake of partnerships from fully managed web hosting to cybersecurity, there is another element that drives invention. 


Our Cyber Ascend Technology team sparks the innovations and conveniences that IT can provide our clients. It gives what we do an element of magic and working with you is as fun as ever.  Our bottom-line mission is, of course, to make sure that your data and applications are always organized, available, functioning, and secure. From our backgrounds as actual firefighters, we take the protection of your IT very seriously. 

There is added excitement, however, to think about where IT developed and where it has yet to go. Things that were not thought about before, someone literally imagined and implemented them. Many of which are quickly becoming expected conveniences each day. Looking at concepts that are coming, but not yet commonplace, can be downright mind-blowing. 

Here are 5 “magical” technology improvements we can conjure up for you… 

1. Excellent performance

If your office is wired, CyAs Tech can outfit you with the right cables, routers, and hardware that will make all interactions with your in-house data go incredibly fast. Your database applications and access to file services will be almost instantaneous. As content becomes more dynamic and richer, fast delivery is a constant challenge. But, with this hardware support, you will swear it is…magic. 

2. Cloud-based workspaces

Cloud implementation by our team can feel like Harry Potter-level magic. It breaks down barriers and opens possibilities. It allows employees to work from anywhere there is an internet connection. It also provides resilience that you might have expected from a powerful sorcerer. If the bad guy attacks, with the wave of a wand (OK, actually our team and your cloud-based backup provider), your whole system can be back online quickly with the disaster recovery plan we implement on your behalf. You will also swear a magician has a hand in things when you go to deploy new services beyond those you already have in this environment. One minute they weren’t there, and then, wah-lah, they appear! 

3. The future’s altered realities

Kids of the last few decades have been raised with innovative video games. As they move into the workplace, they are expecting the magic with which they have been raised. The IT world is not going to disappoint. Look for the delivery of altered reality platforms including virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality applications. When these become available, businesses could replace 2D conference calls viewed on TV screens with 3D meetings where attendees, from anywhere in the world, interact with each other and digital objects without leaving their offices. 

4. X-ray vision

Johnny Carson’s Carnac the Magnificent used to use magical x-ray vision to see into envelopes with data and make a prediction about that data. With a cloud-based data infrastructure, we can provide you with a similarly brilliant assessment and discovery. We can see it all and solve it all with a vision into your data that even Carnac would envy. 

5. Creative capture of input and requests

Soon, having to type data into your computer or device will be passé. Innovative input devices have already arrived, from whiteboards to Alexa-like listening devices. New smart whiteboards bring wall-sized dry erase surfaces together with technology that will seamlessly capture, stream, and sync your creative whiteboarding content to your team’s devices. New devices are arriving based on Amazon Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, to answer employee questions and handle requests related to the company. Employees can get company information and make requests simply by interacting with Alexa from any personal Alexa device. This includes obtaining healthcare provider information, group policy numbers, and time off information. Employees can even request IT support!  

There is a wonder that drives IT innovation. That is not to say that its delivery or its adoption is easy. The more powerful the effect, sometimes the more complex the implementation can be. You don’t need to worry, however, you have us at Cyber Ascend Technologies in your corner.  

We are, in full disclosure, not really magicians. With the solutions we bring you, however, you might think we are. 

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