Six Reasons “Legacy Systems” are the Money Pits of 2022- And How to Stop the Bleeding

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We at Cyber Ascend Technologies are proud of our legacy as life and property savers. From our prior professional lives as trained firefighters, we carry that spirit forward into the IT lives of businesses in the Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley, San Jose, Capitola, Watsonville, Soquel, and Capitola communities.

Whether people are looking for cloud migration services, managed IT service providers, information technology support services, or more, we arrive ready to put out your virtual fires and save the life of your business. 

One area where businesses tend to go into technological cardiac arrest is in their legacy systems.

These are servers, computers, and/or software purchased years ago. When they cease to work or have problems, clients call to get them patched, fixed, or upgraded (if that is even possible). 

The age of your system does not necessarily make it “legacy.” Your legacy system is hardware or software that was once widely used but has been long since replaced by something newer. The year after you bought it, there may have been dramatic new versions and replacements. In that situation, your system becomes “legacy.” 

1. Your legacy system likely has costly security weaknesses

Your system will become increasingly incompatible with new security programs and protocols on the market that protect you from disasters threatening your mission-critical applications.

Once a legacy system is no longer supported by the vendor from where you got it, you won’t receive security patches from the developer. Backup and disaster recovery become insurmountable challenges, threatening a proper safeguard of the work you and your employees do. The threat of data loss and its cost to your company as a result, is an ever-present curse. 

2. Hardware failures are likely, and there may be no replacement fixes

If your legacy hardware fails or becomes incompatible with newer software, if the vendor has stopped support, there may be no fix available. Even if there are, your system will experience consistent failures as content stretches its limits.

The costs of these failures are both direct in what it will cost to upgrade, if possible, and indirect in lost business, employee frustration, and company reputation. 

3. Failure to meet regulatory compliance will cost you

If you are in an industry that must meet compliance standards, a legacy system puts you under constant threat of being non-compliant and fined. Standards like HIPAA, PCI, SOX and more require that technology be supported.

If you are under any such compliance, a data breach becomes more than its direct ramifications, you will have industry fees and penalties as well. 

4. New technologies rarely work with “old” systems

We had a client whose old printers failed, and they had to get new ones. The new printer drivers could not access the legacy document management system in their network, and there was no fix option available. The question became whether they kept their legacy system or gave up the ability to print from their document library.

Most legacy systems are incompatible with newer systems. New tools will constantly be introduced, and they will either be necessary for your effective business processes or at the very least, used by your competitors giving them an efficiency you won’t be able to provide. 

5. Past “fixes” inhibit future upgrades

As you go through your system’s life cycle, fixes and patches may solve some current issues. Over time, you lose sight of the total institutional system because it has morphed into a hybrid version of itself. If it were a house, it would resemble the Winchester Mystery House with components that go nowhere.

When a total system upgrade comes along, it becomes problematic and potentially impossible. You did not know when you did the fixes about what you did not know was coming. 

6. Mobile connections can be impaired and restrict your business

A specific technology that requires the newest technology is mobile devices. If you have employees in the field or other external functions, not having the capability to communicate with your core system will hurt your business.

In this area, IT experts agree that Cloud-based SaaS products outperform any on-premise system. 

The best overall solution to saving yourself from the cost of a legacy system is to replace it. A new on-premise system is great, but it too is a legacy system waiting to happen.

We are happy to help you set up such a system but we also can help you implement a cloud-based solution that functions better, brings you much greater function possibilities, and will be easier to maintain and keep current. 

Like any life-saving resource, we at Cyber Ascend Technology know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Call us today and let’s discuss your legacy system situation and stop your financial hemorrhaging! 

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