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PDNC is the leading IT solutions service provider in the San Jose area. Running a successful business takes time and constant monitoring. That is where PDNC comes in to help out. We offer a variety of IT solutions and consulting with 24/7 remote monitoring allowing you to focus on running your business while we take care of the technology it takes to run that business.

One size doesn’t always fit all; that is why we offer custom IT consulting packages for SMB in and around the San Jose area. We can install leading edge technology that ensures long term stability customized to your SMB.

PDNC offers a variety of IT solutions:


Technology Assessments:

We are not your typical IT consulting team. We work hands-on with businesses in and around the San Jose metro, providing secure networks, cloud servers, hardware and security systems. Our technology assessments are simple; we run and provide a detailed assessment of your current network, security practices, cloud servers, and hardware, presenting insights on how to improve technology management to better protect your business.

Managed Services:

You never know when your company might get struck with a virus causing all of your saved data to potentially be wiped away. PDNC in San Jose offers 24/7 remote monitoring as part of our managed services plan. Our managed services plan includes crisis prevention, remediation automation, desktop helpdesk (allows you to have access to PDNC helpdesk remotely), and endpoint security.

Project Deployment:

We understand how stressful running a successful business is and how you can easily get distracted from projects. That is why we offer a project deployment service that help businesses start, maintain, and finish IT projects in a timely and cost-effective manner. If you need assistance in determining what software, hardware, or how to train employees for an upcoming project, contact PDNC.

IT Procurement:

It’s hard to determine which software or hardware is the right fit for your San Jose company. That is why we offer IT procurement packages that eliminate the guessing game. Our IT professionals not only provide technical programming expertise but they also provide experienced business developers who understand business requirements.


Understanding and teaching hardware and software isn’t always as easy as one might think so we offer IT training, whether it be software or hardware, for SMB in and around the San Jose metro. We help you decide which software would be best for your business and type of work you will be doing then train you and employees on best practices. One of our biggest selling software programs is KnowBe4. KnowBe4 helps employees create a human firewall that prevents hackers from easily accessing information. Perhaps KnowBe4 is the software you didn’t know you needed before speaking to an IT consultant at PDNC.

Virtual CIO:

CIO’s, or Chief Information Officers, have long been an efficient way for large business to manage their sprawling IT departments. The CIO position acts as the bridge between the executive management that knows the direction the company needs to go, and the technicians that get it there.

PDNC offers tailored IT solutions and services for small and mid-sized businesses in San Jose. If you are looking for a cost-effective and reliable IT consulting company, let PDNC step in.

When it comes to protecting your business, there is more to it than just insurance. Protect your company’s files, database, and security with IT solutions from PDN Consulting.

Call PDNC in San Jose today to get started on a custom package that will suit your SMB just as it should.

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