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What is a vCIO? 

A virtual CIO is an outsourced individual who is expert in both business and technology and who can find the perfect balance between the two so the company can focus on growth.  The responsibility of the vCIO is to develop long term technical strategy, identify and remediate any technical risk all while focusing on adhering to a budget. 

CIO’s, or Chief Information Officers, have long been an efficient way for large business to manage their sprawling IT departments. The CIO position acts as the bridge between the executive management that knows the direction the company needs to go, and the technicians that get it there. 
​Unfortunately, hiring a CIO full time isn’t feasible for a small or medium business. With smaller IT departments, the balance between the amount of work that needs to be done and the cost it takes to do it is very different from larger companies. 

Outsourcing the CIO position to your managed service provider is an effective way around this issue.

Specifically, a PDNC vCIO will take the misalignments identified by our technicians and analyze what effect it can have on your business.  Out of that will come recommendations which can consist of projects, simple configuration changes or possibly complex configuration changes.  PDNC vCIOs are responsible for the long term technology strategy of our clients.


  • Client relationship –vCIOs are a central point of contact for the business relationship and any issues and escalations.
  • Business impact – vCIOs are the interface between your company and the PDNC technicians, and ensures the business impacts of alignment are known and agreed upon.
  • Planning – vCIOs translate business impact into long term plans
  • Continuous Improvement – vCIOs prioritize areas of need and improvement
  • Finance – vCIOs help with budget and planning


  • Ensures technology is deployed for business benefit
  • Predictable technology budgets
  • Regularly reports on technology findings, costs and recommendations
  • Brings an objective, impartial point of view ensuring that business and IT objectives are aligned.

Why Choose PDNC?

Here at PDNC, we don’t believe that any two businesses are the same and that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all when it comes to your company’s network, cloud servers, security, and hardware. Our software is preventative software meaning our primary goal is to catch anything that could be detrimental to your company’s cloud, hardware, security, or network systems. We are not your typical IT consulting company. We are much more than that. With a focus driven towards bettering our client’s technology, we make sure we are installing technology that ensures long-term stability and is leading edge technology.

All services come with 24/7 monitoring. This means that we are always running tests/assessments in the background and will be alerted if something appears as malware or broken. Working with small to medium businesses allows us to divert our full focus to their business operations. Because we are strictly commercial, we have more time to spend on our clients business ambitions.

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